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We would like to track and collect data about how you use our product. This data is helpful for determining how to improve the product, but is not required. Please review our privacy policy for more information.

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Privacy Policy as of February 3nd, 2020

15 minutes could save you 15%! This policy is written for non-lawyers to read, yay! Please enjoy!

Data we collect

We (the site collect 3 types of data from you (a user of our site).

  1. Content you provide us
  2. Product usage data and analytics
  3. Server activity logs

So let's go over each of those in more detail!

Content you provide us

This is your account info (email, name, password, site preferences) and created/uploaded content. Account info is not publicly available to any one outside this organization (and your password is encrypted). Created content is publicly available if you explicitly share it. Uploaded content is publicly available if one knows the hard to guess URL to view it.

We also store your logged in state in a cookie. This is required in order to keep you password secure. Otherwise we would need to ask for it every time you open or save your animations.

This is the data we collect when you create an account, create an animation, and upload data into an animation. All of this data is required to use the animation product and is stored until you explicitly delete your account via your account settings.

This data is stored in third party storage services that have their own privacy policies. Their policies are more rigorous than ours. Please feel free to email us if you need more information.

We strive to keep your email private, thus we do not share or sell it to any outside services that would use it for anything other than to send an email we wrote.

You can choose if you want us to send product related emails by going to your account settings. We prefer you like us and find our product useful, so we are not going to bombard you with daily emails, but instead occasional emails with things we think you'll find useful and interesting.

Product usage data and analytics

This is your button clicks along with browser, country, language, and referrer URL. This data is not publicly available.

This data is useful in determining how to improve the product by looking at trends. So just assume that these are important and need no further explanation... Just kidding, keep reading to see how we use this data and your options to opt out.

This data is not required and you may opt out at anytime by visiting By default you are not tracked, yay! We do not have some weird fine print of, "breathing while looking at this site is considered consent." Instead you must click a button or check box that is labeled as allowing us to track you.

Button clicks let us know what features are most used or if certain browsers never seem to use a button (that indicates the button may not work in that browser). Country and language helps us figure out if we should translate the app for some of our users and Country helps us figure out where to host our servers at along with tackling any country specific regulations.

The referrer URL seems a bit scarier, but first what is that? It is the URL you were previously on when clicking a direct link to this site. For instance, if you clicked on the "Privacy" link from the main page, your referrer URL right now would be If instead you came from a redit post about an amazing privacy policy, your referrer URL would be a URL to that post.

This seems creepy! What if you are on a site and then click a bookmark to here? Will we now know where you came from? Fortunately no, phew! In that case it would be empty. We can only see what page you came from if you clicked on a link on that page to here. This is mainly useful if someone posts a link to us on some social media site and then we can engage with the users reading that post.

This data is stored using a third party service that can show pretty charts of the aggregated results. And they keep track of you by using cookies (shocker) or an analytics ID we provide. Currently the data is kept indefinitely and can be removed upon email request from you.

To us, there is no value in looking at your individual usage. Instead we look at total numbers of users that did an action. Because of this, we do not store your account info in this data, aside from an analytics ID we assign to the account. The only way this data could be linked to you is if we look up the ID in a different data base. This is important since this prevents anyone other than us from knowing who you are. Also it means that we have an easy to enforce policy that no personnel working for us can link this data.

Server activity stored in logs

This is any requests the browser makes to our server and stores your IP address, account ID, request type, request path, time of request, time of response. As you can see, this stores some more sensitive information and thus is not public and also only kept for 1 month.

This data is required and has no opt out option. We use this data to monitor the health of our servers along with looking at any misuse of our service. We store this data using a third party service (in case you haven't picked up on the theme).

IP address is needed since we use it to determine if there are any exploits or hacking going on. Account ID is needed since a specific user could be over consuming our bandwidth and may need to be throttled. The time of request and response is used to monitor server performance.

We store this data in a third party service. Unlike analytics data, we may look up the account ID if there is a severe issue (such as a violation of our terms of service). In this unlikely case, we document the violation and why it is necessary to do the lookup.

Protecting your privacy

To protect your privacy, we follows the latest security protocols such as ssl encryption, password encryption and requiring authentication checks to access your data (except for uploaded content, remember?). Personnel working on this site must have a documented defensible reason to look at your account information such as explicit consent from you or because you are breaking our terms of service.

In the unlikely event that your data is compromised, we will contact you through email with instructions of what to do. It is up to you to make sure your email is up to date.

Policy on changing the policy

We will post a message on the site alerting you of the change and request consent as needed (aka, we changed how we collect non-required data).


We hope you enjoyed reading this and using our software! If you have any questions feel free to contact us directly at