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We would like to track and collect data about how you use our product. This data is helpful for determining how to improve the product, but is not required. Please review our privacy policy for more information.

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This is an beta software. Though unlikely, content may be lost and feelings might be hurt :(

Terms of Service as of February 3nd, 2020

This is a beta software so the terms are very basic. One day we will have lawyers redo this and expand it into something you will need a lawyer to interpret.


The basic summary of terms is that we are a free beta software that you are using at your own risk.


We (the site offer a free beta software for creating animations. Since you (a user of our site) are not paying us, this software is provided "as is" and has no warranty of any kind to work. This means we are not liable for any data loss, time loss, or opportunity loss due to service bugs or outages. We are also not liable to any damages or slowness inflicted due to embedding our content into other websites.

We are not obligated to maintain this software, and reserve the right to shut down this service. This may happen if server costs grow too high to support. In the unlikely event of shutting down, we will alert you via email at least 30 days in advance so you can download your data, download code to play your animations, and make adjustments for embedded content.

User provided content

You are responsible for the content you create and that you have the rights to use uploaded assets. We do not own the content you create on this site, but by using the animation tool you are giving us permission to serve your content.

If you upload content that you do not own or have permission to upload, we reserve the right to remove it without notice. Depending on what was uploaded, we may also need to close your account, so please only upload content you own.

Software updates

Since we are a website, the software will automatically update. In the event that this breaks your content, contact us to report the issue and we will strive to fix it if the animation was modified in the last 365 days.

For embedded animations, contact us if there's an issue as we keep all the different player versions and can point to an older version pending that there are no known security vulnerabilities.

In the unlikely case that we cannot fix your animation, we will refund you a portion of the money you've paid us (currently a whopping max of $0.00).

Closing your account

You reserve the right to close your account. We will remove all traces of you within one month except for anonymized usage analytics. To do this, please go to your account settings. Please review our privacy policy for more information about the data we collect.

We reserve the right to close your account. Reasons to do so involve misusing our data hosting or product, harassing other users, impersonating other users, or attempting to hack the site.


Currently we are free! But also we want to make sure you aren't blindsided if we decide to charge for our service in the future.

When the software moves out of beta, we may start charging for our services. This means that you will not be grandfathered into a free account, but instead forced to upgrade to a new plan, which may or may not cost money. You will be notified of this change (if you created an account) and you will have the option to download/export your data and close your account if you do not want to continue use of this software. That being said, we will aim to create a pricing model where you would continue using this software.

Changes to the terms of service

We will post a message in the app to logged in users when we make any non-cosmetic changes to the terms of service.


We hope you enjoyed reading this and using our software! If you have any questions feel free to contact us directly at